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Ora e-Cars, the European leader in the rental of electric golf carts.

Ora e-Cars,
in a few figures

Ora e-Cars
in figures

2 plants production plants

Toulouse & Tarascon

5 000 m2

of offices & workshops

6 500 vehicles

in the fleet

In-house service

10 workshop trucks

2 Core Pillars fundamentals

2 key pillars
for our


We reindustrialize our vehicles entirely in our production centers based in France, from existing EZ-GO or CLUB CAR chassis, adding a set of parts that have not reached the end of their life cycle.

Thus, we are totally in line with an eco-responsible approach. The use of the Neo vehicle is undoubtedly an approach that aims to put an end to programmed obsolescence by reusing a set of components as reliable as new ones. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible.

New technologies

All our Neo vehicles are equipped with Lithium batteries (48V-100A), ensuring twice the autonomy of lead batteries. We bring to our vehicles new technologies in energy storage and management. Our Lithium batteries are more reliable over time and allow you to use your fleet of vehicles longer.